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Full Circle Follow-up

Since I posted last about trying some Full Circle Farm produce, I’ve had mixed results with what I’ve received. A couple of items have gotten frosted in transit and got soft spots right away. Bunches of greens are smaller than I expected. In last week’s box, the spinach came wrapped with a twisty-tie that says “Produce of Mexico,” although the packing slip says it’s from “California Growers.” I’ve emailed Full Circle to see why the discrepancy and am awaiting a reply.

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Full Circle Farm: Alaska’s Friend or Foe?

For a few weeks this winter, I’m trying some organic produce from Full Circle Farm, a Washington-based outfit that provides CSA service in that state, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Since I’m also involved in the Alaska Food Challenge, and my personal goal is to eat more Alaska-grown veggies this year, this might seem like a contradiction. Time will tell, but so far, I’ve been nothing but pleased with my first two orders from Full Circle–with both the food and the customer service. And those cravings for fresh produce are persistent! Continue reading

Salmon Again?

I realized recently that I really am a food hoarder (as I’ve been, um, “accused” of). The term “hoarder” has such negative connotations, but when applied to putting up food during harvest season, it takes on a whole new meaning. Continue reading