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Something in Common

It struck me just now as I returned from a short walk with the dogs that during a cold winter when we’re so bundled up that only our eyes show, we hearers have a surprising similarity to the deaf. Continue reading


“Telephone” and Dogs Forge New Friendship

I was puttering in the yard the other day when an unfamiliar truck pulled into the driveway. It stopped a ways away from the house and a woman got out. Several dog faces bobbed up and down from inside the cab, tails wagging behind. Vigorous barking and whining ensued. The woman and I greeted each other, and she asked if I was looking for my dog. Continue reading

7 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

These are ways in which I’ve met our neighbors, now good friends. To protect everyone’s egos, I can’t reveal who did what (but we all know who we are!). Continue reading

Neighborhood Critter Watch

Last spring I created a closed group on Facebook called Critter Watch for people in our neighborhood to share wildlife sightings. It now has nearly 30 members, and though quiet all winter, burst to life again last month. It’s an excellent way to keep track of problem bears, share photos, and make some new friends in the ‘hood. Here’s some of the chatter already from this year. Continue reading