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People and Moose and Bears – Oh My!

It’s that time of year again: We are outside sprucing up the grounds, gardening, bike riding, and walking – and the moose and bears are on the move, too.

Cow moose frantically searching for her missing calf.

Moose will be dropping their calves for the next couple of weeks, sometimes right here in the neighborhood. Guess what? Bears are hungry, and baby moose are easy meals for them. Continue reading



Living close to the earth sometimes means doing without. We gardeners/hunters/gatherers talk so much about abundance that I think sometimes we give the impression that we’ve got everything we want. But that’s not the case. Continue reading

Making Moose Liver Braunschweiger

Moose liver

Yes, the photos look gross. But the finished product, moose liver braunschweiger, tastes delicious! I’d tried some a friend had a couple of years back and wasn’t crazy about it, so when my husband announced he wanted to try making it, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic. Continue reading

Neighborhood Critter Watch

Last spring I created a closed group on Facebook called Critter Watch for people in our neighborhood to share wildlife sightings. It now has nearly 30 members, and though quiet all winter, burst to life again last month. It’s an excellent way to keep track of problem bears, share photos, and make some new friends in the ‘hood. Here’s some of the chatter already from this year. Continue reading

Would you? Could You?

Eat all-Alaska foods for a year? A group is forming around the state for the Alaska Food Challenge, which starts on June 21. Most are not planning to be purists, but rather focus on adding as much Alaska-produced or harvested food as possible to their diet. Continue reading