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Full Circle Farm: Alaska’s Friend or Foe?

For a few weeks this winter, I’m trying some organic produce from Full Circle Farm, a Washington-based outfit that provides CSA service in that state, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Since I’m also involved in the Alaska Food Challenge, and my personal goal is to eat more Alaska-grown veggies this year, this might seem like a contradiction. Time will tell, but so far, I’ve been nothing but pleased with my first two orders from Full Circle–with both the food and the customer service. And those cravings for fresh produce are persistent! Continue reading


Adventures in Grain Grinding

A friend gave me her old hand-crank grain grinder a few weeks ago. I’d recently bought a 50 lb. bag each of Alaska-grown wheat and barley (from Wrigley farm in Delta Junction), and was excited to get grinding! Continue reading

Salmon Again?

I realized recently that I really am a food hoarder (as I’ve been, um, “accused” of). The term “hoarder” has such negative connotations, but when applied to putting up food during harvest season, it takes on a whole new meaning. Continue reading

Many Approaches to the Alaska Food Challenge

Last night, members of the Alaska Food Challenge met for a kick-off party to celebrate our year of eating local foods. What struck me most was the variety of approaches people will use. I’m planning to add many more Alaska-grown veggies to our diet. Barbara will document her adventure and make sure that at the very least her breakfasts are 100% Alaska food. Continue reading

Taste Test: Seaweed, Hooligan, and Birch Water

Yesterday I attended a seedling exchange and potluck at the Williams Street Farmhouse in Anchorage. Besides meeting lots of other gardeners and coming home with an aloe vera plant and starts of zucchini, corn salad, daisies, and lavender, I tried three Alaskan foods new to my palate. Continue reading

Would you? Could You?

Eat all-Alaska foods for a year? A group is forming around the state for the Alaska Food Challenge, which starts on June 21. Most are not planning to be purists, but rather focus on adding as much Alaska-produced or harvested food as possible to their diet. Continue reading