Something in Common

It struck me just now as I returned from a short walk with the dogs that during a cold winter when we’re so bundled up that only our eyes show, we hearers have a surprising similarity to the deaf.

As I walked back downhill toward home, the dogs caught sight of a neighbor boy heading home after the high school bus had dropped him off. The mutts raced toward him, legs and tails flying. He bent to say hello.

I got closer and all I could see of him were his eyes and glasses under layers of hat and scarf, coat and gloves, heavy boots, and day pack. I know that’s all he could see of me, too. We waved “hi,” since I don’t know sign language. But our conversation went like this under all the layers. Me: “hhg hjogey.” Him: “hguugh.” Me: “yghou cn thhroghg th bhah.” Him: “mghuum.” Me: “kh, shseegha.” Him: “bgahuh.”

Cold…the great equalizer.


One response to “Something in Common

  1. Sounds kinda of like Pig Latin, ya think??
    Oh, sounds so cold from what we’ve heard. We check Weatherbug every morning to see what the weather is at home! Stay warm!

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